Song Lyrics

A LAS BARRICADAS (We sing the ending lyrics only, in the spirit of Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble from Montreal — but we change the last word from “Confederacion” to “Revolucion”.)
A las barricadas, a las barricadas
Por el triunfo de la revolucion!
A las barricadas, a las barricadas
Por el triunfo de la revolucion!

BELLA CIAO (Movitas Band version)
The world is waiting outside our windows
Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
For us to stand up, call up our courage
For there are things that we must do
We’ll look to mountains, the trees and waters
Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
Look to each other, learn from each other
Fight for each other ‘til we’re free

So come and join us, out in the streets now
Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
Where we will show them with glorious noise
We won’t be silent anymore
So come and join us, let’s work together
Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
To build a new world, new homes and families
And write our song of victory

NOTE: Bella Ciao is an Italian partisan song from World War II, originally sung by the left-wing anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy. Over the following decades, it’s been reworked and the lyrics rewritten by all different types of bands and musicians, including folk singers to punk bands (such as Chumbawamba, who recorded a pretty well-known version on their 2005 album “A Singsong and a Scrap”). But brass bands in particular have adopted it as a standard. Movitas rewrote the lyrics with the intention of changing the original “I” that appears in most versions to a “we” to reflect our belief in collective action to create change (D.I.T. – Do It Together) and be more gender-inclusive (since the original “I” was also generally male). Some lines also reflect the intention to be more locally-focused in the Pacific NW (“mountains, the trees and waters”).

FUCK YOU (Version 1 – written for Anti-Juvenile Jail Noise Demo, 12/31/2013)
Starts during second chorus…

Choosing jails over schools
Makes us think you’re tools
So we say…fuck you!
The state loves keeping youth locked down
Especially if they’re brown
So we say…fuck you, and racist cops, too!
You find money for cages
But not living wages
Well, we call bullshit!
Think the school-to-prison pipeline
Really is just fine?
Well, we say…fuck you!

You say, “It’s for these kids’ own good,
And we’ve just got to keep the streets safe”
But safe for who. and safe for what?
We’re here to tell you right to your face
Stop jailing youth!
Stop hurting queers!
Stop selling fear!
No more prisons!
No more borders, too!

(Ending Chorus)
You want to profit and gain
 Off of youth pain?
Well, we say….fuck you!
You say we’ve got no other choice
So we’re using our voice
To we say fuck you…and Bill Gates, too!*
Once liberation comes for all
Then these walls will fall
That’ll be the shit!
But until that day
Here’s what we have to say, to the state
Fuck you!

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